The courage to kill your pride

Pride is a sin. And it is not easy to get rid of it, especially when you think highly of yourself. You think you are better than others or you think you are always right. Yes, it is pride when you think you don’t have any fault in an argument. I don’t mean that you cannot really argue at all or you cannot win an argument – I know you get my point. I know this well because I’ve been through it. When somebody finds something wrong in what I do, I tend to react. Fight-or-flight response? Most of the time, I fight. Before. Now, I know where I stand.
The antidote of pride is the virtue of humility. Humbling yourself does not mean you bluntly accept your flaws and getting over it. Humility means laying down yourself to not just being better than anyone else. Being humble is being courageous to kill our pride. It may seem impossible if we do everything with our own strength. That’s why we need God’s help to enable us to be humble beyond what we can be.


Shalom! ^_^

PHVote 2016

Yesterday, while waiting for our turn to vote, one of the Nanays said ‘Presidente na atong mayor ugma!’ and we all laughed joyfully. Mayor Duterte, ooops! President Duterte, we, the Dabawenyos are so proud of you! Again, you are not perfect, we are not perfect, and Davao is not perfect. We are better and striving hard to be excellent – one of the reasons is you. Thank you! We have been praying for you since day 1 and will be praying for you until the end. Declaring protection, good health, strength, wisdom and peace of mind! We love you! We know you can’t do everything, hence, we will do our part as Filipinos. We choose to change for the better because after all, change is the only permanent thing.


Shalom! ^_^


I have never been very vocal in social media about my political views until recently. Last year before the official date of filing for candidacy for Philippines election 2016, there were calls and rumors that our beloved Mayor will run for presidency. That time I really thought that he should not decide or pursue this, knowing that governing the entire Philippine versus a city is different. People might even misunderstood his ‘rough’ personality. Davao is safer and cleaner than most cities. We owe this to his leadership. He has empowered Dabawenyos to be law abiding citizens. We are not perfect and will never be – but we have definitely improved! We cross the streets using pedestrian lanes and overpass, we throw our garbage to proper places, we don’t use fireworks on Christmas eve and New Year’s eve, and many more. I live most of my life there and I consider it my home. Fast forward to current events, our beloved Mayor is leading the surveys 3 weeks before the election day. He is attacked by most media and I feel so emotional that our Tatay is being bashed for the wrong accusations. He may have a foul mouth, we might never changed that. However, despite the roughness, he has a heart for the Filipino people. And I have felt his sincerity ever since.

Anyway, it does not matter who will our leader be, change always start within us. I am earnestly praying for a safe and peaceful election on May 9. Ending this post with a verse.

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. ~2 Chronicles 7:14

Shalom! ^_^

My ministry

It’s been a while since my last post. Today, I’m telling myself to blog as much as I can. I can do this!

And today I’m sharing about my participation in children’s ministry. I was a Sunday school teacher way back in college until last year – I was promoted to oversee children’s ministry at our local church. It’s been a pleasure and a blessing to be part of this church activity. The kingdom of God is for the children. And as the Bible said, “train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” So, we’ll do anything we can to share the gospel to the children, all for God’s glory!

These are the pictures we took last Sunday at one of our outreach.


Shalom! ^_^

Trust without borders

Life on earth is never perfect, no one said it is or will be. Pain, challenges and troubles are inevitable but definitely they’re not staying! People may betray our trust but trust still. Most of all, trust to the One who will never fail us. Trust Him without borders, without limitations. For in Him, we’ll find our rest and comfort.

trust copy

*This post is inspired by Hillsong’s Oceans.

Shalom! ^_^

The conundrums of commuting on a Monday

We, a colleague and I, were caught in the uber long lines in Ayala Terminal. The conundrum of commuting on a Monday night. While we were waiting for our ride, I can’t help but people watch. It’s not too easy to break a habit, yeah? Hahaha. I saw someone being busy with their phones, some were busy chatting, and some just waiting, looking at blank space. I really observed the crowd if someone will take shortcuts. If permits, I looked them in the eye. Well, good thing, nobody did. And so my feet hurts. I feel I wanted to sit for a while, then I looked at my wrist watch, it’s been more than an hour already. Patience is a virtue. Here comes our ride, then I saw some not-so-old male running towards the jeepney. Definitely, he was not in queue. To my dismay, he was able to ride. I don’t know if anybody else noticed. One thing I learned, in relation to that experience, whether we like it or not, some people will take shortcuts in life. It may be the best thing to do at the moment but absolutely not the right thing to do. I just told myself, maybe the guy wants to home eagerly to his family, or maybe he’s getting late for a meeting or whatever. Or maybe I am too sensitive. 😂

Shalom ^_^

Devotional for Today 2015-01-19

Today’s devotional:  What is the key to living a rich and meaningful life?

God’s response: John 2:9-11, Psalm 36:8, John 16:24

Just as the wine that Jesus made was the best, so life in Him is better than any life you could have on your own.  Why wait until everything else runs out before you discover the blessings of a relationship with God? Make up your mind that you won’t save the best until last.

God’s promise: Psalm 4:7 – You have given me greater joy than those who have abundant harvests if grain and new wine.

Shalom! ^_^